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1 circular screen feeder RIETER-WERKE of type SR 1900

four-point supporting surface of the gearbox, hardfaced two-armed stripping arm in oblique execution with divided hub, for 10 interior screens 580 x 570 x 10 mm including 1 maintenance door, closed gearbox ratio i = 40 (straight toothing), complete with fast clamped drive V-belt pulley of dia. 1140 mm, 220 mm width, 8 grooves, section 22, hole 80 mm for frequency drive, without drive unit.

Drive collecting plate toothed crown 295 teeth, m = 8, i = 18,43, via bearing housing, elastic connecting coupling and geared-motor SEW-EURODRIVE, 4,0 kW = 5,5 HP, 1420/72 RPM, 400/690 delta Y volts with drive pinion 16 teeth, m = 8

Conditon: completely reconditionned
Time of delivery: immediately
2 pieces kneading arms (Z-shaped) for screen feeder "SOEST-FERRUM“ of type SK IV

Cast iron numbers are molded :
2507 - B - 9003R     WN 10552, WB 96    (R=RIGHT)
2507 - B - 9004L     WN 10552, WB 96    (L=LEFT)

without fastening holes in the trough section of 1530 mm length to take the different wearing segments, the both shaft ends (both approx. 700 mm length) in the rough of dia. 170 mm
Total length in the rough approx. 2.940 mm length

Condition : brand-new, cleaned and prime-coated

Time of delivery : immediately

One horizontal extruder "KEMA-Görlitz" 250 mm barrel dia.

complete with gearbox (3 manual gears), flanged electrical motor VEM, 7,5 KW = 10 HP, 1435 RPM, 380 volt, electrical clutch and transformer 24 volts. Low overall height 570 mm, weight approx. 950 KGS

Time of delivery : immediately

1 De-Airing Double Shaft Mixer HÄNDLE type MDV920b Type MDV920b, number of construction MDV 1321, year of construction 1977, gearbox ratio i=17,24, complete with V-belt pulley of dia. 1010 mm ........... 101 mm width, 5 grooves, section SPB, flanged pneumatic clutch AIRFLEX size 12CB350, no. 142098JB and shear pin security device according to drawing nr. MD90a 4-18u.

Condition: new at 95%
Time of delivery: immediately
1 vacuum extruder "Händle" type PZ45/50 450 mm barrel dia.
1 travelling cutter "CERNOTA" for clay bricks
comm.-nr. 1008, year of construction 04/1997, cutting length from 0 to 1.000 mm, designed for SIEMENS SPS control S5, but without this unit, however al control documents available
Condition: second-hand, cleaned
Time of delivery: immediately