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Our company

Our company was founded by Franz Heutz who was born on 27.04.1919 in Hauset. He went to elementary school there and then to business college in Aachen. After that he completed 6 months’ professional training in a tile works in Isny (Allgäu).

This came about since both Franz Heutz´s father and mother came from tile-making families. As the youngest of the family he had always wanted to go into his parents’ business. His brothers had already chosen other careers. In his parents’ business they had for years been producing pantiles that were delivered as far as the Eifel. Today one can still see many houses that are covered with pantiles. They were making interlocking tiles until about 1920 in his grandparents’ tile works on his mother’s side.

Because of the threat of the approaching World War, young Franz could not stay long in his parents’ business. In 1938 he was called up by the Belgian Army. After the end of the war tiles were being baked again in Hauset and a clay pit was in use. The partly fire-resistant clay was sold for pipe manufacture to the Charleroi region on the Franco-Belgian border.

In 1953 the clay pit was exhausted and Franz Heutz specialized in the sale and repair of tile machines. This was the moment when Heutz-Homburg AG was really born. Today the company has warehouses in the village of Hauset.

Thanks to the major personal involvement of Franz Heutz and his wife, the company flourished and it continues to exist as a family business.

Now Heutz-Homburg AG has become one of the market leaders in Europe and it exports to over 46 countries.